Friendly Hunting

Client: Friendly Hunting
Post Production
COLOR Grading

About the job

In this job I was booked for the videography and to create moving images, that speak the same language as the photos and the whole image of the brand "friendly hunting". The video should feel modern but not too stressed or rushed. So my understanding of it was, to shoot slow motions and organize scenes, which can stand for themselves for at least 4-5 or even up to 10 seconds. This was created by directing small movements of camera and models. Additionally to that a ventilator, that created movement of clothes and hair, so even a tripod shot with a standing model would feel lively.

Behind the scenes

About the team

Director of Photography: Hubert Neufeld
Photographer: Marie Schmidt
Regie: Jasmin Wisniewski
Makeup: Jane Jakobi
Agency: Agentur Eberstein