BMW M Street Rebels

Client: BMW Vertriebs GmbH
Post Production
COLOR Grading

About the job

Art for the road. This was the motto for this extraordinary project with street art legend FUTURA 2000. He built up graffiti and street art in New York during the early 80s and is commonly named as one of the few inventors. Our job was to document the 3 days of production in the BMW M Individual paint job halls combined with a glossier shoot in a separat location in Munich with the finished cars. The challenge here was to find the mix of documenting the process in every step, but to also get the feeling and capture the good artsy vibes that Futura aka. Lenny brought into the BMW workshop in Garching. This went well in the edit, combining the strong muscular cars with chilled out hip hop beats and happy faces. The video really stands for itself, as the car does.

Behind the scenes

About the team

Director of Photography: Hubert Neufeld
1st AC: Florian Lorenz
Light: Flo Czermak (Sparks Filmtechnik)
Grading: Benoit Le Rouge
Edit: Hubert Neufeld
Set Photograph: Frederik Unflath

Production Company - HTN Films
Location Manager - BMW M Individual
Music - Niki Kampa
Project Management - Christian Köhr
Production Management - Friederike Bauer