Client: BMW Vertriebs GmbH
Creative Concept & Storytelling
Drone Videography
Post Production
COLOR Grading

About the job

We shot the clip in Šibenik (Croatia) during the still very hot summer days in September. The variety of camera techniques is quite large. As stylistic devices we used: Drone, timelapse, gimbal and telephoto lenses. The hero shots were taken in a car-to-car shot on a blocked road just after sunset around 6am. The goal for the film was to set a mood. No more, no less. But setting a mood for a luxury brand in a beautiful country is of course also a challenge, because every single frame needs to be high end, too.

Behind the scenes

About the team

Director of Photography: Hubert Neufeld
2nd Camera: Jonathan Forsthuber
Grading: Benoit Le Rouge
Edit: Hubert Neufeld
Set Photograph: Georg Lindacher

Production Company - HTN Films
Agency - Brandscape
Location Manager - Natalia Milat
Production Management - Florian Stiller